Who are we?

RobotAssist 2011 Team RobotAssist 2010 Team The RobotAssist team consists of students and researchers from CAS, a cross-institutional partnership between the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales and the University of Technology Sydney established in 2003. With over 200 staff and research students, CAS is the second largest robotics research group in the world with a leading reputation for both fundamental research and the application of this to industry. The centre has won prizes at international RoboCup competitions including winning the Best in Class Autonomy three years in a row at the Urban Search and Rescue competition.

We are undertaking research on “Autonomous Systems in the Society and the Environment”: Building on the achievements in “Field Robotics” the centre has now embarked on a new direction with the goal to understand and develop the robotics science enabling pervasive application of autonomous systems in broad areas of society. We are addressing research challenges in:

  • Persistence to enable a robot to have a degree of self-awareness, an ability to learn and evolve over long periods of time, and to have the ability to repair or heal itself.
  • Interaction and manipulation to perceive and understand human behaviour and needs, be able to communicate with users in a symbolic human-centred manner, respond safely and efficiently to directions, and have a morphology that promotes close physical cooperation between robot and user including grasping and manipulation of objects.
  • Mobility to enable a robot to build and maintain meaningful perceptual representations.

Principal Investigators


Dr. Alen Alempijevic is a Lecturer with the School of Elec, Mech and Mechatronic Systems (UTS).

His expertise are Multi-modal Sensor Fusion and Software Systems Design.


Dr. Nathan Kirchner is a Lecturer with the School of Elec, Mech and Mechatronic Systems (UTS).

His expertise are Sensor Signal Processing and Social Robotics.

Core Team Members

Past Members

  • Gavin Paul, Stephen Webb, Gibson Hu
  • Bernhard Hengst 2, Maurice Pagnucco 2, Claude Sammut 2
  • David Richards, Angus Deveson
  • Alex Virgona, Michael Koob, Daniel Egan-Wyer
  • Will Bond, Lachlan Bourke
  • Rowan McAllister 1, Thomas Sesselmann 1
  • Bjorn Lundgren 3, Barbara Hilsenbeck 4

Team Description paper

Our 2011 Team Description paper




Media Releases

  • Popular Science, article by James Bullen Robot Wrangler OppSci's 10th Annual Innovators, October 2011
  • UMagazine, article by James Bullen Autonomy and Action U Magazine: Teaching and Learning Special Issue, July 2011
  • Australian Health Directory, YZnet Communications Pty Ltd Clearer vision for robotics researcher Australian Health Directory, 22 September 2010


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